Monday, June 16, 2014



I love my Bubbee and Zazzee , my g-ma Nancy, and Pap-Pap and Marcie.

I love my aunts and uncles: Uncle Steve and Aunt Amy (who recommended I make this travel blog), Uncle Brad and Aunt Julie (who was kind enough to take me to a spontaneous baseball game this summer), Uncle Todd and Aunt Julie, Uncle Joe and Aunt Mary (who will be enjoying Widespread Panic with my dad while I am away), and Uncle Dennis and Aunt Nikki.

I love my cousins, Josh, Jake, Danny and Jessica (who I bear many prayers for), Elaiah and Eliana, Peter, Nick and Michelle, Kyle, Ben and Callie, Vinnie and Jessie.

I love my parents, Andy Boy and Andi Girl, who have been very supportive, and have put up with my insufferable bullshit. My dad worked hard to help plan this trip, and my mom has studied all her life to understand just who she married and gave birth to. She thinks we're all neanderthals, but shes not sure.

I love my sister, Natalie, who is leading a far more interesting life than I am.

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